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  • After a successful international show in Dubai, Julie Anne San Jose will be back on concert stage this time to give love and showcase her awe-performing talent for the people of the Queen City of the South, Cebu.
  • You have until March 9 (Friday) 2012 to show your support to your favorite music artists, share and spread the news!
  • The fate of country’s most favorite artists are in the hands of worldwide music lovers. MYX, the no. 1 music channel in the Philippines, now embarks on achieving a new milestone, the MYX Music Awards 2012.
  • After having been paried with other stars, John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin get into an “unofficially different” love story in Star Cinema’s pre-Valentine offering.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Contribute to the 7,107 reasons why...

To further support the government's “More Fun in the Philippines” tourism movement, Choose Philippines, the country's first-ever social and travel networking site, will launch the  “iChoose” campaign, introducing a new music video and a micro-site that encourages every Filipino to contribute  to the 7,107 reasons why people choose the Philippines.

At the grand launch on “ASAP 2012” this Sunday (Feb 19), Choose Philippines collaborated with PGT Finalist and web sensation El Gamma Penumbra to give you a new version of their music video. Using the song Piliin mo Ang Pilipinas, El Gamma Penumbra amazingly showcases popular Philippine destinations through shadow play.  Lyrics of the song written by Robert Labayen , music composed by Allan Dannug, and arranged by Marvin Querido. Song sung by Angeline Quinto and Vincent Bueno. This Music Video is a production of  ABS-CBN's  CCM Division  and Regional Network Group.

The iChoose campaign also features an online video featuring people from across the world who had shared their different reasons why they choose the Philippines over other tourist destinations in other countries. Their thoughts are not only limited to the beautiful places but also the other activities that are more fun to do in the Philippines.

By logging on and signing up to www.choosephils.com, anyone can access the social travelnet's microsite http://choosephils.com/ichoose/ where they can participate  in the campaign and state the reason why they choose the Philippines. The post can only be a simple sentence yet accompanied by a picturesque image of any of the Philippines' best—that can be a place, food, service, event and even admirable Pinoy values. 

According to Choose Philippines editor in chief Rhoel Fernandez, Choose Philippines has become so popular that people would ask if they were the Department of Tourism (DoT).

As ABS-CBN’s multimedia strength comes into play, with online, on-air and on-ground “encouragement channels,” the scope of Choose Philippines has sailed into new territories. It has now snowballed into a movement, with a mission “to uplift the country through tourism by creating business opportunities for the Filipino people in the countryside.”

The travel website Choose Philippines is a brainchild of ABS-CBN Regional Network Group. It started off as “Pili-Pinas,” a Web portal with a one man crew. Two years later, in February 2011, Charie Villa took it under her wing at the request of RNG head Jerry Bennett.

The stories on Choose Philippines are categorized under travel, food, festivals, people and products. Thanks to an enthusiastic army of contributors, whatever, wherever and whenever in the Philippines it is, sooner or later, Choose Philippines will have it.

By the second half of 2011, the Choose Philippines' Facebook likes had spiked to almost a quarter of a million on the back of the launch of the Choose Philippines music video featuring Robert Labayen’s rollicking paean, “Piliin ang Pilipinas,” on “ASAP.” Post views on the popular social networking site had hit a whopping 151 million by November 2011, while www.choosephils.com racked up 1 million views.

“We want people to say ‘Choose Philippines’ because we are all Filipinos, it doesn’t matter who stands out,” Villa said. “With Choose Philippines, our foremost objective is to remind Filipinos what a great country they have. And if we stop fighting and get our act together, we might really become the best Asian country.”

Villa added they chose to also feature El Gamma Penumbra because the group from Tanauan, Batangas is a very good example of Filipinos gaining worldwide recognition by virtue of their hard work, perseverance and talent.


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