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Monday, January 16, 2012

"Walang Hanggan" Advance Screening

The first week episodes of ABS-CBN’s new prime time series, “Walang Hanggan” is set to bring you glued to your seats as you begin to watch its primer today, January 16.   I was privileged to be invited to its advance screening last Saturday together with the main cast of the series and other members of the press held at the Cinema 6 of SM Megamall.

I was still overwhelmed and still in awe with our local actors with their awesome performances shown in the premiere episodes.  I would like to give highlights, in random orders, for the scenes and performances of the series’ characters I love the most.

Richard and Dawn 

            During the drama films’ reign in the 90’s, the Richard-Dawn team-up is indeed the most remarkable one. I’ve seen their movies because my mom and my aunts are super “kilig” about their love team.  I was a little younger then but I knew that they’re one of the most beautiful pairs I’ve seen in screen plus the chemistry is really undeniable. But even if they do a project together or not, Richard and Dawn are too great actors who will shine bright because they already have established acting careers in separate projects they did not to mention the awards they already have received.

            In Walang Hanggan, be ready to find that “kilig” again and you’ll be surprised to see that these two, despite the years and different lives (and partners) they had, are still capable of pulling-off the chemistry on screen. For all Goma-Dawn fans, the first episodes are sure to watch for.

Ms. Helen Gamboa
            Throughout the screening, the most l can remember is the character of Ms. Helen Gamboa as “Margaret Montenegro”.  I remember the director of the series said that he was, somehow, reluctant to pull the character off from Ms. Helen since she has to portray the major villain role, all because she’s genuinely very kind and soft-spoken person in real life. And we can agree to direk Jerry’s claim because during the presscon, she was really nice, sweet and very respectful when answering questions.

            But in the series, once again, she has made me a big fan of her. I first admired her at “Tayong Dalawa” giving support to the role of her daughter then played by Agot Isidro. But in “Walang Hanggan” I guess she’ll be able to gain “haters’ ten times of probably she gained from her last series.  She was great! She was awesome and I can’t wait for more of her.
            I do believe that Ms. Helen’s role in the series is really worth to win her awards, I’m cheering for her whoooot!

Ms. Susan Roces and Eddie Guttierez

            I’m not really old but I can still remember that they used to be husband and wife in some movies before and I thought then that they were indeed a real-life couple. In the series, a lot of us will be able to understand and somehow discover one “great love” we can actually relate at one point in our lives. The story of love and sacrifice of Virginia is indeed admirable, and how her decisions will affect the lives and destiny of the people she loves is something to watch out for.

            Anyway, seeing Mr. Eddie Guttierez in ABS-CBN’s show is like a “wow”, just saying :).

Coco Martin

            Fast forward to the next episodes, Coco’s portrayal of the lead role is again a lot of times proof that he is indeed the prince of primetime television’s royalty. He had me and millions of viewers in his portrayal in “Tayong Dalawa” and I have no doubt that he will fail in everything he will do especially now that one of his indie films have gone international and earned recognitions. Coco seems not acting in his scenes in "Walang Hanggan", everything he do seems real. He’s full of life and as always, fantastic! Even Richard Gomez and Ms. Helen Gamboa has nothing but good words for Coco in this series, how was that coming from two of the most respectable actors of the local showbiz industry? 

            Coco’s charm is unexplainable, he can capture every woman’s heart and he’ll make every girl swoons for him. 

Julia Montes   

            At first I thought she’s too young for Coco Martin and their team-up wont click because the age difference will surely be noticed. Good that Coco’s aura was able to resolve that concern. In their scenes, you would surely notice that but somehow, their acting skills helped Julia and Coco to deliver what the viewers want to see in this series.  Their story started in their childhood but the love blossomed in their pre-adult years so I guess the age gap is disregarded already, just be prepared with more “kilig” because the two is sure to give that in the coming episodes. 

I’ll be posting the second part of my reviews tomorrow; I hope you'll have a good time watching the pilot episode of “Walang Hanggan”. :)


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