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  • After a successful international show in Dubai, Julie Anne San Jose will be back on concert stage this time to give love and showcase her awe-performing talent for the people of the Queen City of the South, Cebu.
  • You have until March 9 (Friday) 2012 to show your support to your favorite music artists, share and spread the news!
  • The fate of country’s most favorite artists are in the hands of worldwide music lovers. MYX, the no. 1 music channel in the Philippines, now embarks on achieving a new milestone, the MYX Music Awards 2012.
  • After having been paried with other stars, John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin get into an “unofficially different” love story in Star Cinema’s pre-Valentine offering.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Back-to-back adventures are coming your way every weekday mornings as Sailor Moon teams up with Naruto in the new Team Animazing beginning this Monday (Jan 23) on ABS-CBN.

Join the most beautiful sailor-suited for love and justice in her quest to save the world in “Sailor Moon” at 8 AM.  Sailor Moon is one of the most well-loved cartoon characters by Filipinos especially during its airing in the 90s.

Usagi Tsukino is a regular middle-school girl until she met talking cat Luna which revealed her true identity as Sailor Moon, destine to save the Earth from destruction and peril.. With the help of Sailor Mercury,  Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter, she must find the moo princess and a protect mankind from the evils brought by the Dark Kingdom.

After Usagi’s journey, the country’s favorite ninaja returns in the much-awaited “Naruto Shippuden 4” at 8:30 AM.

The evil Pein is determined to gain power, which is why he hunts for Naruto to catch the nine-tailed fox trapped inside his body.  Little did Naruto know what his life is endanger as he is focused on learning a new technique?  Will he be able to learn about Pein’s plans just in time?

Also joining Team Animazing are Team Nickelodeon and Team Marvel airing every weekends.  Watch the new seasons of “Go Diego Go,” “Penquins of Madagascar,” and “The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron” on Saturdays beginning 8:30 AM and the back-to-back action brought by “Spiderman” at “Incredible Hulk” on Sundays at the same time.

Don’t miss the premier of “Sailor Moon,” 8 AM, and “Naruto Shippuden 4.  Don’t miss the premiere of  “Sailor Moon” only in the new Team Animazing of ABS-CBN.


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